Our Services

Prepping for a wedding is a roller coaster of emotions and does time fly by when you most need it, we get it, and we want your alterations process to be as stress-free as possible. 

Your first appointment and consultation is completely free. We will listen to your needs and see what is needed to give you a perfect fit. 

Pricing varies for each bride depending on how extensive the work may be, if we are doing custom work, or redesigning anything on your dress. 

We recommend brides have at least 8 weeks of time dedicated for alterations to avoid any rush fees. If we are working with less than 8 weeks of time, alteration appointments will have to be scheduled more frequently.

Some of our most common alteration requests include the following:

Shortening the hem

Most dresses are designed for 5’7” length, so shorter brides who don’t get their hem taken up risk tripping on their way down the aisle. No matter what your hem is — lace, glitter tulle, beading — our seamstresses can make it so you can glide gracefully down the aisle on your wedding day. 

Adding a bustle

Every brides wants that long, stunning train flowing behind them when they walk up the aisle, but when it comes times to dance at the reception it can get in the way. So what’s a bride to do? We recommend getting a bustle; this way you can pin up the train of your dress after the wedding so that it’s neatly tucked and out of the way. There are a variety of bustle designs, so ask your seamstress during your consultation which one she recommends for your gown. 

Replacing or adding new bra cups

Wearing an open-back or sheer lace wedding dress? Our seamstresses can sew bra cups directly into your dress so that you don’t have to worry about a bra; you can just slip right into the dress! 

Adding custom features

Whether it’s adding lace sleeve, a satin bodice underneath a sheer lace top, a modesty panel for a deep v neckline, or more supportive straps, our seamstresses have done it all! Just ask during your appointment and they can work with you to create exactly the look you’re going for. 

Creating the perfect fit

You want your wedding dress to fit like a glove on the day of the event! Taking in a dress not only makes it flatter your figure, it also prevents you from having to tug it up on the day of the wedding, especially if you go with a strapless style. 

Adding zipper, buttons or corset

Whether it’s taking out or adding any of the three, our seamstresses can alter your dress to make it easier for you to get in and out of it on your wedding day. 

Enhancing the detail

Does your dress not have enough glitter? Do you want more bead work? You name it and we make it happen! 

Custom sleeves

Many brides fall in love with a dress but have one missing factor, the sleeves! We can custom-make the sleeves of your dreams to perfectly match your dress. We can also customize the current sleeves it may have if needed.