These are some of our frequently asked questions.

When should I schedule my alterations?

Schedule your first bridal alteration 8-12 weeks in advance. This will help you plan around travel, photos, and special dates. We normally like to finalize and finish the alterations 1-3 weeks before the special event day.

For bridesmaid dresses, about a month out should be enough time; but if you need a lot of work done, the earlier the better.

What should I bring to the alterations?

Bring ALL undergarments (bustiers, slips, shape-wear, etc.) and SHOES with you to ALL of your bridal fittings. Our experienced seamstresses will also help you select the suitable undergarments and shoes in store to obtain the proper fit. 

How many fittings will I need?

Most of wedding dress alterations will need 2-4 fittings. It normally takes about 4-10 weeks for bridal gowns and 2-6 weeks for bridesmaids, mothers, flower girl, or prom dresses. We also offer emergency alterations within one week or a couple of days. Additional rush fees may be charged. 

How long will the alterations take?

It normally takes about an hour for the 1st bridal fitting, and about 30 minutes for bridesmaids, moms, flower girls, or dresses for special occasions. The second and third alterations most likely will take less than 30 minutes. 

What if I plan to lose weight for the wedding?

We will work with your weight loss plan to time the alterations correctly. Our seamstress will be glad to do some fine tuning to ensure the proper fit on you. 

How many sizes can you take in?

It really depends on the style and designs. In most cases, we are able to take sides in up to 10 sizes.

Should I order a smaller dress size if  since I have a weight loss plan?

We recommend you to order the dress size according to your current body measurements at time of placing the order. It is always less expensive to take the dress in rather than let it out. More often when the dress comes in too small, you will need to order extra materials and spend more to get it properly fitted. 

What should I know at the final fitting?

For brides at the final fitting, you may bring your mom, sister, maid of honor, friends or whoever will help you get dressed on the wedding day. The seamstress will show them how to lace the corset or zip the dress properly, how to bustle the train and all other details to ensure the stunning look on your wedding day. 

How do you accommodate customers who live out of town or have longer travel distances?

We provide short-period services for our customers who live out of town or a distance from us. Just inform the store when you will be in town and we will arrange to start and complete your alterations according to your traveling plan. 

What if I bought my dress at another store?

Yes! Our seamstresses are more than happy to do alterations on your wedding dress, no matter where you got it. 

Do you only alter wedding dresses?

We’re happy to do alterations for most anything you bring to us! Prom dresses, graduation dresses, bridesmaids, tuxedos — we’ll do it all! 

How much will alterations cost?

You alterations will cost more or less depending on what you need done, so it’s hard to name an average price. Every bride’s body and dress is unique, so the cost of your alterations will be customized to what you choose to do. You can book a FREE alterations quote appointment with one of our seamstresses to get an assessment of what you need done and how much it will cost. Just visit our online appointment booking form or call 214-919-0115.